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SPEAK for Those Who Cannot

September 19, 2010

I am absolutely floored that someone is trying to ban SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson. No, I take that back. I was raised in the Christian environment, so I know the rallying cries against anything deemed to promote evil. I remember signing a petition when I was about 9 to ban The Last Temptation of Christ from playing at our local theater. When I grew up and learned to think for myself, I wound up watching that movie and thinking it’s one of the most interesting and best portrayals of Christ’s life that I’ve seen.

The part of a parent is not to ban books, movies or music, but to monitor what your children are doing. In the case of SPEAK, this is not just about censorship, this is about taking away a possible avenue a child may have to seek help. To learn to find his or her voice and SPEAK.

I was forced to hold my tongue for years. To hide the brutal rape and violence my dad’s father was visiting on me from when I was 4 until I was 8. I kept it in and forced myself to forget about it.

The memories finally came out several years later and all throughout Jr. High I remembered more and more while I grew angrier and angrier. I lashed out at everything and everyone. I was told by people at school and in the church, my parents even, to be silent and to forgive.

Those of you who know me are well aware of the fact that keeping my mouth shut is a physical impossibility. I spoke. I ranted and raved. I demanded justice. I refused to be complacent. And at every turn I met disapproval and resistance.

Granted, I was a nightmare. The fuse on my temper was short to non-existent, but I wasn’t going to let anyone shut me down again. Now, I’d love to say that I persevered and won the day, but I eventually gave up and just looked for anyone to make me be okay with me. Which lead to me marrying a man who abused me far worse than anything I’d experienced growing up.

It is so important for books like SPEAK to be readily available for any and all teenagers or even adults to read. Knowing you’re not alone, that others have made it through the hell you’re going through and survived…THAT has saved so many.

This Scroggins jackass needs to be the one who is silenced. Might I suggest duct tape.

I applaud the Republic Schools for having SPEAK as part of their curriculum. I think back to my high school years and wish someone had thought enough of the reality of things and made that part of our education.

Several months ago I broke my silence here I’ve never regretted it and I firmly believe books like SPEAK can help girls who were like me in high school find the healing they need so they don’t end up in a worse situation later on in life.

So stand up. Don’t let SPEAK be taken away from kids just because some Dr. with the bible shoved so far up his ass he can’t see to read it calls the book filthy.

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  1. September 19, 2010 6:17 pm

    *hugs* I figured you’d post about it too. Glad to stand with you on this.

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