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Creative Blogger Award Lie

June 21, 2010

Time has come to reveal the lie hidden amongst the truths of the Creative Blogger Award.

  • I once prayed all night for the devil to be saved ~ This is true. I was 3 years old and it is one of my first memories.
  • When I was 12, I turned down a modeling job offer in order to be a singer ~ This is true. Yeah, there isn’t much more that can be said other than the obvious kicking of one’s self.
  • I graduated at the top of my class from college ~ This is the lie and I love all of you for not guessing this one. The truth is I never graduated from college due to funding being cut off  & then life getting in the way as I tried to work to pay for it on my own. I was 18 credits away from graduating from George Fox University with a BA degree in Writing/Literature and a minor in U.S. History with a 3.89 GPA.
  • I have a scar on my right pinkie from punching my cousin in the face and knocking his tooth out ~ Yup, did this when I was 17.
  • I have won several original oration competitions ~ Yes, this is true. I can not only write, but I can talk. A lot. In front of crowds even. It’s a gift.
  • I’ve lived in Arizona for 11 years and never been to the Grand Canyon ~ I’ve just never had the chance to visit the giant desert hole. I’m sure once I move out of this state I will finally succumb to the urge, visit and fall in.
  • I used to keep praying mantises as pets ~ They are great pets! I used to be able to catch over 10 flies in the same sandwich baggie to put in the cages as their food. Skipper moths are very easy to catch by the wings too.

Okay, so now you know the truth about me. Yes, you are going to have to die.

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  1. June 24, 2010 7:28 am

    I refrained from “guessing” the lie since I knew which one it was, but I’m STILL disturbed that any sister of mine could a) enjoy anything with an exoskeleton as a pet and b) CATCH MOTHS to feed to it.


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